Serum-free Media

Serum-free media can be used without any addition of serum of FBS and cell cultures usually perform similar to or even better as with serum. In some compositions, defined and purified components or sub-fractions of serum proteins, growth factors or hormones (e.g. albumin, transferrin or insulin) are contained, or protein hydrolysates or gland extracts (BPE, BBE) are used.

Sera Pro have a broad range of Serum-free Media:

Endopro 300 SL

Proserin 293A

Proserin 293S

Proserin 401

Proserin 411

Proserin 411S

Proserin 412

Proserin 413

Proserin 416

Proserin 701

Proserin 801

Proserin C6000

Proserin H4000

Proserin H8000

Proserin ProVero

Proserin PX10

Proserin PX40

Proserin S2

Proserin T3