Treated Sera

Sera Pro offers special types of Serum: charcoal absorbed, delipidized, dialyzed, gamma irradiated, heat inactivated and gamma globulin reduced

  • Activated charcoal treated serum

     Fetal Bovine serum is heated in a water bth with dextran and activated charcoal. The
     activated charcoal, together with the substances bound to it, is then removed by
     centrifugation and filtration.

  • Delipidized serum

     Lipids are removed from serum by affinity chromatography.

  •  Dialyzed serum

     Serum is dialyzed with a 10,000 Dalton exclusion membrane against physiological
saline  solution until the glucose content is below 10 mg/100 ml.

  •  Gamma irradiated serum

     Serum is exposed to irradiation > 25 kGy

  • Heat inactivated serum

     Serum is heated for 30 min to 56 °C in a water bath under repeated gentle mixing.

  • Ultra low IgG serum

     The average IgG level in fetal bovine serum is in the range of 70 to 330 µg/ml. The IgG
     content in our Ultra low IgG serum is reduced by affinity chromatography (protein-G
     affinity column) to max. 5 µg/ml. The biological activity of serum is not affected.