Sera Pro

Scientific excellence in cell culture.

We are not selling a simple product.

The core aim of our research and development team is to approach the individual needs, interests and expertise of our customers.

Sera Pro supervises the entire manufacturing process from the collection around the world to the shipment of bottled serum from the warehouse.

It guarantees the best choice of sera origins for all needs. Therefore the process resulted in a business success for more than 20 years.

Your benefits:

  • broad product portfolio
  • highest level of quality
  • strong research and development teams
  • long term, worldwide supply chain
  • best references from industry and research
  • each process, from collection of the raw serum till the sterile filtration of the end product are specified in SOP's (Standard Operating Procederes)
  • own raw material resources throughout the world: USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand