Proserin 411

Proserin 411 is a chemically defined, complete ready to use medium for the serum-free cultivation of a multitude of adherent and non adherent cells which are Insulin-dependent (e.g. CHO-cells).

Proserin 411 is a multi-purpose medium suitable for a variety of cells. In Proserin 411 adherent as well as non adherent cells can be cultivated. As the medium contains no growth factors there is a possibility to investigate the effects of specific growth factors added to the cell culture. Proserin 411 does not contain any attachment factors. With some cell types a pre-treatment of the cell culture vessels with gelatine, collagen, poly-D-lysine or fibronectin may support or enable a culture under serum-free conditions.

Please note that a coating may be especially important with low seeding densities.



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Proserin 411

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