ProST ESPro 2

ProST ESPro 2 is a chemically defined, serum-free medium for cultivation and expansion of embryonic stem cells of mice (mES cells). ProST ESPro 2 is espacially designed to proliferate and expand mES cells without differentation. To differentiate the proliferated mES cells into different cell types the relevant protocols and differentation factors can be used.

ProST ESPro 2 is especially designed for the serum-free cultivation of murine embryonic stem cells (mES cells), while maintaining the undifferentiated state. ProST ESPro 2 is suitable for the serum-free generation of knockout-mice from genetically modified mES cells. ProST ESPro 2 has also been proven to support the serum-free cultivation and expansion of tumor progenitor cells.




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ProST ESPro 2

Serum-free, chemically defined Medium for the cultivation of mouse embryonic stem cells, Kit (Basal Medium with supplements)

100 ml
(Basic Media + Supplements)

500 ml
(Basic Media + Supplements)